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Laser Resurfacing

Pixel Lite $109

Mild resurfacing of face or neck. 1 pass over face or neck, will shrink pores, even tone and will improve overall appearance of skin. Expect little to no flaking. Excellent for annual or bi-annual maintenance.

Pixel $200

Medium resurfacing of face or neck. 2 passes over face or neck, will shrink pores, even skin tone, lessen appearance of fine lines and scars, and lighten dark spots caused by sun damage. Expect little to moderate flaking in 3-5 days. Excellent for mild to moderately damaged skin. 3-5 treatments are recommended for optimal resurfacing results.

Pixel Plus $250

Medium Resurfacing with stacking on face or neck. 2 passes on face or neck with additional pulses on trouble areas. Ideal for acne scars, regular scars, deep lines, large pores and dark spots caused by sun damage. Expect moderate to severe flaking in 3-5 days. Based on extent of damage, a minimum of 3-5 treatments are recommended for optimum results. Further treatments may be necessary and will be discussed on an individual basis.

Chest and Other Areas: Consultation Required
1 or 2 passes depending on existing sun damage and texture. Price will vary for amount of damage and size of area being treated.

VI Chemical Peels

Regular VI Peel                $285

Ideal for mild to moderate damage, fine lines and enlarged pores

Acne VI Peel                     $300

Ideal for mild to severe acne and cystic acne (acne vugaris)

VI Precision Peel             $315

Regular VI peel with a 25% boost for stubborn pigment or for body peels.

VI Precision Plus             $345

Regular VI Peel with a 50% boost for very deep or large amounts of pigment i.e. melasma

Skin Classic High Frequency Epilation

Individual blemishes    $20

15 minute treatment    $70

30 minute treatment    $125


Face                          $99           Half arms               $149
Neck                         $59           Full  arms               $298 
Chest                       $149          Upper back            $149
Shoulders                 $99           Half legs                 $299
Hands                       $59           Full Legs                 $598
Spot treatments available
*consultation required


Anti-aging: $199 for large area

Areas include: Face, chest, upper or lower arms. Add the neck for $30

Anti-aging for neck alone: $99

Stretch-mark Reduction: 

$179 for one or $450 for a package of 3 treatments for stomach, thighs or buttocks.

Scar Revision or Pigment Reduction: $99 for scar or pigmented lesion up to 6″ long.

NEW! Introducing Livra by Procell Stem Cell therapy! Get the added benefit of stem cell therapy to your microneedle treatment without having to go the Vampire route! No drawing blood or expensive test tubes! Livra is a serum comprised of cloned stem cells from donated bone marrow, and anti-inflammatory cell signalers to increase cell proliferation and decrease healing time. Add this amazing upgrade to your microneedle treatment for $7o!

*Most conditions will require more than one treatment to achieve optimal results!

Botox,  Juvederm and Latisse

Botox: Get the first 20 units for $160 and only $9.50 per unit after!

Juvederm XC 1.2cc: $500 for first syringe, $450 per syringe after. 

Volbella lip filler: .55cc syringe, $385 per syringe.

Latisse 0.03%: $159 for 5ml (10 weeks) with 140 applicators

Consultation required. Amount of product necessary for correction will vary per person and is determined by the clinician at the time or service. Multiple syringe discounts available with consultation!