Fitzpatrick Scale Skin Classification System

The Fitzpatrick Scale is a classification system for skin that is widely used in the aesthetics business. Since not all procedures are appropriate or safe for all skin types, aesthetic professionals use the Fitzpatrick Scale as a general guideline to assess any possible risks to a client regarding a specific procedure. Not all clients fit every number every time and the clinician will adjust the procedure as necessary to safely achieve optimal results for the client. 

When you come in for your procedure, you will be given a brief health history form to fill out. It will include a numerical scale describing hair, eye and skin color and how easily you tan or burn in the sun. Please be truthful when discussing skin type as it is an important safety tool for you and the clinician.

Fitzpatrick Classification Scale

Skin Type

 Skin Color



White; very fair; red or blond hair; blue eyes; freckles

Always burns, never tans


White; fair; red or blond hair; blue, hazel, or green eyes         

Usually burns, tans with difficulty


Cream white; fair to medium with any eye or hair color

Sometimes mild burn, gradually  tans


Brown; Hispanic, Native American, Mediterranean, some

Middle Eastern, South American, Asian

Rarely burns, tans with ease.


Dark Brown; Middle-Eastern, Indian, dark Hispanic, Asian

Very rarely burns, tans very easily



Never burns, tans very easily