The Skin Classic is a cutting edge tool used to safely reduce blemishes, lesions, growths, and minor skin irregularities. Using a combination of radio and high frequency currents, the Skin Classic can be used to treat skin tags, cherry angiomas, hyperpigmentation, milia, and several other types of skin flaws. Without breaking the surface of the skin, the Skin Classic can quickly and effectively fade or diminish spots and imperfections that do not readily respond to other treatments.

What types of blemishes can the Skin Classic treat?

The Skin Classic can treat a wide variety of troublesome skin imperfections including:

  1. Skin Tags
  2. Milia
  3. Cherry Angiomas
  4. Broken Capillaries
  5. Sebaceous Hyperplasias
  6. Clogged Pores
  7. Raised Fibromas
  8. Other Minor Skin Flaws

How long is a treatment, and will there be any downtime?

A Skin Classic treatment can be for a single blemish, a 15 minute or a 30 minute session. A topical numbing agent will be applied before the treatment to minimize discomfort. There will be a small area of crusting over the treated blemish for which the recovery time is minimal

Who can be treated with the Skin Classic?

The Skin Classic is a radio frequency device that can be safely used on all skin types and tones. It is not recommended for individuals who have a compromised immune system or who have difficulty healing.

Who performs the procedure?

The Skin Classic procedure is quick and simple, and is performed by a trained medical professional. Free consultations are provided before all procedures.

How does the Skin Classic Work?

The Skin Classic is based on the scientific principle that liquids are attracted to heat. Using a high frequency radio wave current, heat is conducted into a targeted mass of cells (i.e, the blemish being treated), vaporizing their moisture. This will kill the cells of the skin growth, which will then quickly slough off and disappear. The Skin Classic is equipped with multiple frequency probes, making treatments easily tailored for each individual patient. The pinpoint-size tip of the probe ensures a precise delivery of energy.